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We are buying less and less Polish drugs

13 November 2010
We are buying less and less Polish drugs

In the last 12 years, the number of Polish producers of drugs decreased from 77 of 57 proc. At the same time, the value of their shares in the market has shrunk from 38 of 30 proc.

These data from a recent survey prepared by Institute for Market Economics - Gives DGP.

According to the Polish pharmaceutical manufacturers, their increasingly smaller share of the market is the result of discounts, they give wholesalers foreign pharmaceutical companies. From next year, however, they will be against the law, which should improve the situation of Polish products.

Today, the average price of the drug is Polish 7,7 zł, a generic foreign 17,2 zł, and imported the original law 35 zł. So why foreign drugs in pharmacies are cheaper than Polish? - Asks daily.

By Polish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Employers this is due to the use of rebates on reimbursed drugs. As experts say, discounts for reimbursed drugs provided by the manufacturers of the originals can be as high as 40-50 proc. They are passed directly to the distribution channel (Wholesale, pharmacy). This causes, that the price of drugs at the pharmacy level is low.

Source: DGP / Real Health



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