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"First, do no harm!"- This should be, the first rule for the communication activities in the field of pharmaceutical and legal.

Who am I?
Passionate about marketing and advertising. Strongly associated with the pharmaceutical industry and related. I create and I manage advertising campaigns including the use of social media in activities dedicated to doctors and patients. Professionally, I am the founder and managing director of the agency GreyTree. From 2002 r. I am associated with a limited marketing and advertising law. Among other things, worked with companies such as: Unilever, Jelfa, Sanitas Group, Adamed Healthcare, Blue Farma, Chance, Genexo, GAL, Heel Poland, Symphar, Sun Farm, Admiral, Ipsen, HiPP, Alpen Pharma or Krewel Meuselbach.

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Pharma social media marketing communications Rx drug

5 January 2011
Pharma social media marketing communications Rx drug

In a previous article we presented what is pharma social media marketing and you can take action in accordance with applicable law. In this article, According to the announcement, present pharma social media marketing as a strategy to relaunch the process of generic Rx gynecological line.

Pharma social media marketing w Rx drug transport

As we know, there are legal restrictions under the Pharmaceutical Law and related acts prohibiting the advertising of pharmaceutical companies Rx drugs to persons other than health professionals. Many pharmaceutical companies taking very literally to each of these limitations, turns to the directory also bans activities to inform patients in a way that education on treatment options specific diseases, or medications that may be used. The result of this approach is broad Internet presence unproven knowledge, often incorrect and sometimes dangerous for the patient (we do not include here the marginal numerous branded sites, or thematic due to their poor knowledge of the target group). However, this knowledge does not come by itself, to reach those places where it was interesting letter addressed topics advantage of pharma social media monitoring - Activities involving the monitoring of Internet social sphere (areas for patients, Specialist doctors) in terms of health issues, brand drug, the competition. Only armed with this knowledge, we could sit down to design activities in the area of ​​communication pharma social media marketing for our drug.

General assumptions

Gynecological drug market and especially the group to which we recognize our medicine is very well used by both manufacturers marketing the original drugs and their generic equivalents. However, the majority of competing operators was focused only on getting to doctors and thus the formation of sales by generating prescriptions, paying attention to the patient in the network only through the creation of product services. Lack of communication activities to patients residing outside the influence of product services, or corporate party was for us to plan the argument based communication pharma social media marketing.

As previously found on almost every drug you can find information on the Internet, not only on the websites for medical professionals, but not always, this information is valuable to the person reading. Therefore, the first point of the planned activities was possible to reach all the places where there is the issue of whether we are interested in the discussion. This task was accomplished by pharma social media monitoring, so it starts soon gained access to most network-based discussions concerning a particular class of drugs. In this way, the first stage of the work has been successfully completed, who knew, where and what leads to interesting discussions about the subject. We got to know the most common problems of patients and physicians doubt. We were ready to take any action pharma social media marketing.

Pharma social media marketing in the service of education

As mentioned many times our actions are limited by the possibility of drug advertising only to medical professionals not to patients, on the other hand, our drug belongs to a group of medicines only polecających - Means, recommendation that patients provide both patients, patients and doctors. The results of the analyzes carried out by us showed, argument that the most online drug recommendations were:

  • original drug price difference compared to the generic (in favor of the generic course),
  • high availability of medical knowledge for patients using the drug.

Based on these two assumptions has been developed for communication activities on the Internet.

If this is the same then why overpay?

The first stage was to carry out a number of activities monthly information campaign on social networking forums for patients moving area topics of interest to us about the difference between drugs and their generic original counterparts, primarily price difference. The aim of the operation was to show the patient, he has the right to choose a drug for its financial capacity. In parallel with the activities on the Internet, were distributed in the offices of specialized educational materials for patients in harmony with the communication which was carried out on the Internet. Complement the whole action of the first stage was to provide a pharmaceutical company support of the non-governmental organization focused on the interesting area of ​​medicine. This allows our customers reach the target groups virtually all at one time. Communication with patients has used both the Internet and physician office, doctor can obtain information on both the Internet, medical representative and through conferences, scientific symposia and business organization, working on the project.

You have the right to a cheaper equivalent drug!

The first stage action was to equip patients with knowledge about a group of medicines, including information, that generics drugs persist beyond the original, they are definitely cheaper. The transfer of this knowledge to those directly concerned the subject as well as those undecided with the active support materials distributed by surgeries allowed to obtain the first successful communication, increase awareness and brand recognition. However, despite the very intensive efforts we have not noted in the initial period of dynamic growth in sales. According to information we received as a result of the action pharma social media monitoring Doctors even though provided with appropriate information, whether the use of patient-specific drug often decide to issue a prescription for the original drug - more expensive for the patient.

Assuming such market behavior, launched the second phase of public education - information: You have likely for cheaper counterpart! As a first step, so here we focused on educating patients about their rights and one of them is the right to request a pharmacy drug release cheaper than that on the prescription (unless your doctor has reserved, that the drug is to be released discharged). As in the first phase of activities were carried out in parallel to the doctors and patients, however, with greater attention and intensity on the latter. The effect of the second stage exceeded our expectations. According to information provided by the customer Grey Tree several parallel month carrying out activities in the area pharma social media marketing, work of medical and other collaborators, and especially full correlation in its actions resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness among both patients and physicians, rapid and sustained increase in sales (in the final stage of the sales activity increased only by prescribing the medicine at the request of the client is not a replacement). On this day, some time after the end of what goes on it pharma social media monitoring - A response to the needs of patients and doctors where they happen to be on the web, thereby constantly maintaining relationships which have arisen during the campaign.

What is not above and was of great importance for the success of

In the above sections we focused on showing your most important aspects of the project, those that were at the heart of its activities from the point of view of a pharmaceutical company. But please do not think, from carrying out activities in this area is reduced only to the above. points. The opposite is true, crucial knowledge from the customer perspective Greytree was only a small part of the activities carried out strategy pharma social media marketing. Most of the activities are not described here as extremely important and relevant for our project, it was purely educational activities for physicians and patients. Wherever patients, Doctors asked questions, published their doubts, there were some reports erroneous or dangerous everywhere have been directed attention of our specialists. In order to achieve the objectives of the campaign were created panels of experts - where patients can ask questions anonymously physician skilled in the art of medicine. Innovative was, in relation to the other known sites, that both the answer and the question was published in an open environment. The aim of this approach was that the first patients were not afraid to ask, second, to know the questions and answers of other, thirdly to ... content published on the expert panel has been indexed by Google.pl

The components used to succeed

From the very first sentences convince your, that pharma social media marketing is not a single action, tool but sometimes very different church activities, components or tools. In the course of nearly a year of ongoing communication activities used by us were, among others,:

  • pharma social media monitoring - Monitoring social networking sites dedicated to patients, medical specialists for selected health issues, drugs
  • pharma social media marketing - Actions within the social media to engage their members to work towards the objectives of the campaign conducted
  • word of mouth marketing - "Word of mouth" recommendation used for knowledge, Expert service is not a drug, and many other marketing tools which we have no mention of the place.

Illuminating the future of pharma social media marketing

In the final paragraphs of the article should be to summarize and present the benefits achieved for the client. This time it will be different, except to say, that acting together (client and Greytree) significantly exceeded its objectives in the field of communication and sales.

Pharma social media marketing This is definitely the future of communication but under certain conditions. It should not be construed as an antidote to the "evils", This is not a recipe for a quick increase sales, increase in brand awareness. There are no shortcuts, This is a tedious planning, systematic response to the changing environment. However, as a result, we obtain the long-term effects marketing, create a meeting of ambassadors of the drug (both among professionals and patients), become a partner for our target groups, partner in the dialogue. The aim of the pharma social media marketing is to build a bridge between the pharmaceutical company and doctors, patients. The construction process itself is difficult, requires resources and materials, but as I build this bridge just need to take care of him has not been broken.



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