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Personal branding in the pharmaceutical

19 October 2015
Personal branding in the pharmaceutical

Personal branding in the marketing world is so obvious as the words of the American writer Walance Wattles - “give more, than you get“, that underlie modern business. Every self-respecting in the financial world of persona realizes that, should constantly build your reputation and image. Caring for your brand to some comes in a completely unconscious and easy, while others are planning any activity in a thoughtful manner so, that their personal image in this not hurt.

Good examples
Also on the pharmaceutical market personal branding It is a natural phenomenon and not arousing any surprise. Experts in the field are aware of this, to stay in this dynamic community and succeed, You must constantly improve themselves and their skills, and also skillfully manage your brand. Shyly zajwisko positive to build their image also creeping into the consciousness of health professionals. Doctors and pharmacists are beginning to see, that having specialized training is not enough, to stay on this very competitive market. Universal access to information, increasing awareness of patients as part of the health care system and the health-promoting trend in marketing activities of many companies makes, that they put the bar very high and require a large commitment of medical professionals in action. Is estimated, that at present daily amount of information reaching the average citizen, which corresponds to the amount of information getting to the inhabitant of nineteenth-century Europe by year! As soon functioning world makes, the 15-minute meeting with the patient during the visit or oral recommendation is not enough, to encourage prospective patient / client to its services. Hence the growing interest in portals type ZnanyLekarz.pl, which combines the opportunity to gain information about the doctor, obtain a recommendation of patients, and even appointments via the Internet. Currently the service is 2,5 million users a month in five countries - apart from Polish, Also in Germany, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. At its base it is over 430 thousand. Doctors! Portal ZnanyLekarz.pl It is one of the many tools at its disposal strategy personal brandingowa.

Unoccupied niche
In complete opposition to the doctors, however, are facing pharmacists. Although it has a lot more opportunities “sell” a person due to the large possibility of communication with the market components, not everyone is aware of the power of strategy, which is building its own brand. This is due in part to the, that they constitute a fairly hermetic professional group, and more recently in every action marketing perceive the cause of the impoverishment of his profession. Some of them improves their image completely unconsciously - constantly improving their skills, maintaining positive relationships with buyers (patient) and suppliers (wholesale, manufacturer) or speaking at meetings of their local government. The younger part of this environment shyly takes the first steps in a personal branding online - zmieniająe wanting to respond to the needs of the pharmacy market. In addition to traditional methods cultivated by the older generation, They are beginning to recognize the huge potential in the field of social media sites. Evidenced by the growing number of portals associations of pharmacists, being the area of ​​exchange of views, blogs run by pharmacists for safe medication, their appearances in the media, political aspirations or publications in respected industry media.

A further part of the article I would like to dedicate just a few paragraphs pharmacists and show what may rely personal branding in their case as well as the tangible benefits they might bring?

"As you can see, is what you get "
Occupation pharmacist is a specific profession in which the pharmacist has an invisible parameter which is health. During his brief contact with another man has little time, that the patient has entrusted it was him, rather than competition next. Therefore, an important role is played by the effect of first impressions. In the case of the first table behind the pharmacist to this effect will be made up clean, ironed apron that is synonymous with integrity and neatness, dress in smart casual style, discreet and understated makeup, well-groomed hands and a positive reaction. Deep necklines or extravagant extras let us leave in the closet, so as not to focus our attention on the person of the patient. Gentlemen should wear plain shirts, But wearing a tie is debatable, because it is a very elegant accessory. Tie or not – Under no circumstances under his shirt there can be no beard!

Screw the positive trend in volunteering!
Talking with pharmacists about their career,, frequently asked about this - that skill or personality trait they most handy at work. The answer is not surprising - most line shows empathy. Modern pharmacist in his CV should have anuses volunteering in hospice, internship in a hospital ward or a Christmas collection for the poor. In addition to the social dimension, posed by volunteering in need, It allows the pharmacist to meet new people, exchange of views, establish business relations, and even friendship. Adventure with him opens up new horizons and can become the beginning of a new, professional road.

Internet, fool!
Pharmacists with whom I work well find themselves in the global internet. Daily press review, expressing their views on social networks or running their blog is their daily bread. In addition to building reputation, it becomes for them to escape from their daily work in pharmacies, which expires them, unfortunately, fighting with a pile of unproven prescriptions, refund and interpreting vague provisions. Most of them outside their professional work puts the network on content - are included in the trade journal editorial, are copywriters, advisers to the agency PR that operate the Pharmaceutical Market. Their natural working tool becomes a Tablet, which allows for mobility and the ability to present content in a very transparent way. The activity is based on social media with them mainly on expressing views on portals zreszających pharmacists, services for professionals (LinkedIn, GoldenLine, SlideShare) or forums on health. As highlighted in all the time looking for a niche in their activities, They are proactive - take part in discussions, authorities cite professional, follow experts in the field - a word also build a network of relationships online.

Best Investment? An investment in yourself
The requirements posed by pharmacists constantly expanding market causes, that some of them opting for further education. Although the profession of pharmacist continuous legal obligation, continuing training, This research shows they do not derive from them any financial benefit or satisfaction. Also, education specialist in this sector leaves much to be desired - the program specialization pharmacy in most cases duplicates the knowledge and skills from previous years of study. For this reason, many of them choose postgraduate education at other universities than medical universities. Increasingly popular trends such as the strategic marketing in the pharmaceutical market, management of health care or socially responsible business (CSR). The curriculum in these fields fills this niche, which during the academic training was ignored or marginalized.
– Strategic marketing in the pharmaceutical market after it chose, to improve communication skills inside and outside the company. Realized issues in the program will allow me to better understand the determinants and control mechanisms pharmaceutical market, and thus better prepare me to build their own business in the future - concludes mgr farm Arthur Rakowski - a pharmacist and a freelancer in the field of e-health.

A pharmacist is, and sometimes not!
This paraphrase my motto, another captures the activity of pharmacists, which embodies the personal branding. The relational character of this profession makes, Conditions that maintaining positive communication is a measure of professional success. This applies both to buyers which should be approached with empathy and commitment as well as other elements of the market – medical representatives, doctors or wholesalers, upon which the financial success of the pharmacy as a business. Many pharmacists, I know I have a strong sense of professional affiliation and mission – outside work in a pharmacy engaged in activities promoting health, It is working in non-profit organizations and conducts teaching activities. The words of one of them in particular were taken in my memory - “who wants to inflame others, he must burn!”.



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