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Sale of medicines over the Internet

22 December 2014
Sale of medicines over the Internet

Online pharmacy can be a great idea for a stationary pharmacies offer, and, indirectly, drugs. As you know, patients are increasingly looking for drugs on the Internet. Just because, sell on the internet that is no longer the promotion of products?

Pharmaceutical Marketing has its own rules. We are dealing with a wide range of target, which patients are, but also doctors and pharmacists. The specific is also the product itself, which is fortified strict regulations for storage and sale. This involves the promotion of.

The Act specifies, concerns that the ban on advertising of prescription drugs, containing narcotic and psychotropic and those, that are on the list of reimbursed drugs. Second, the Act sets out the right to advertising of medicines by specifying, what actions are prohibited. By the wording of the Act, difficult to predict, as the control authorities interpret our actions, when we want to promote the product on sale.

Online Store - allowed form of promotion

A few years ago, on the occasion of the pharmaceutical revising the law, pharmacy had doubts, or just run an online store with drugs is not breaking the law. Practice has shown, not closed on a massive scale online pharmacies. Of course, It would be absurd, but there are rules, which can be interpreted in different ways. Many entrepreneurs take action on their own responsibility, because some of the steps taken to promote, might be considered a violation of the law.

How online pharmacy may legitimately promote drugs without a prescription?

• posting content and images on the home page with information on drug

In this case, however, should avoid the use of additional incentives in the form of promotion, attractive prices, or placing any other form of influence, to buy a particular drug.

• creating an attractive graphic design

Thanks to our online pharmacy will be encouraged to go shopping. I do not have a layout in color or in shades of aquamarine blue. The Internet is already far too much of pharmacies, to afford to reproduce stereotypical patterns.

The online pharmacy should primarily sell pharmaceuticals - both those issued with a prescription, as well as non-prescription medicines. It should be clarified, that the former can sell “at a distance” assuming only picked up from the pharmacy stationary.

• richer range of cosmetics and supplements

These types of products can attract the attention of our recipients. If they are cosmetics and supplements available in every store, our chances of promoting the brand grow. Then let's put in the description of their purpose and function.

• niche products

About our competitiveness can also decide offer different type of product, for example,. homeopathic remedies, herbal, and rehabilitation equipment.

Positioning online pharmacy

All the above mentioned elements have an impact on your. Why? Since each of them is added “content” on, which may seek a potential customer. But not only has an impact on the quality of the sales page. An additional element, that will strengthen our position in the search engine results pages, be of good quality, unique and original content. It can be both texts, and short videos and infographics. It is worth remembering, that many pharmacies have decided to take such a step and systematically placed on your website articles related to health.


Consider the, how to further strengthen the potential of our market competitiveness. We certainly can not afford to use promotions and rebates on reimbursed drugs. Of medicinal products without a prescription, advertising can lead only manufacturer (MAH) or entity, who was commissioned to such activities. This is a similar situation as in the case of stationary pharmacies, in which you can place posters producer, provided, they are made in such a way, to serve as an information, but avoid promoting drug and price reductions for certain specifics.

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