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Catch the thief, or blogerskie inferno

12 November 2014
Catch the thief, or blogerskie inferno

I read a lot of these days Articles and comments on the campaign Orange i Maffashion. Probably would not interest me at all because:

a) it is not nursing
b) do not know much about fashion;)

However, the amount of venom which began to trickle from the internet would not let me go past this campaign indifferently. But after another, especially for those not initiated into the mysteries of the campaign Orange i Maffashion.

Short description of the campaign Orange

In October 2014 r. Julia Kuczyńska known as Maffashion on your profile Facebook.com fit entry: "Caution! I lost my phone!!! Disappeared, stolen, I do not know". Then there is the entry: "Ok, ok… I have a new phone… numer ten sam". Next it was just funny, cooler, more creatively, and even unleavened.Maffashion

In general, the idea of ​​the campaign was a little complicated. Now, thanks to a new data storage service with phone “the cloud“, Maffashion had access to the shots "missing"Telephone. Photos irreverent, showing the so-called environment. tracksuits. It was fun and so ... familiar. Of course all Poland joined the search for persons with images. Fun continue in the best, men in tracksuits would feel uncomfortable seeing further foreign people comparing them with pictures of their faces in smartofnach (They are also a dziwiłoby, they have the courage to even remove the phone with them). Suddenly Julia Kuczyńska or Maffashion teaches cards on the table and with a smile tells, not stolen her phone, and all the action is simply a new service campaign Orange Cloud. Granted, by me, very good campaign.

What was the first effect, When Julia Kuczyńska announced on his profile about, that the entire action was an advertising campaign? Called Rage. blogerskiego environment. Suddenly I found out, that is such a thing as ethics and credibility blogger. Mock? Yes. Why? Every day we get at the e-mails from bloggers and blogaski, to send their customers to test products, to advertise with them. What are the tests or promotional entries, I will not comment. Returning to the topic. Social media and the blogosphere have raised an uproar: that it did cause themselves and their Maffashion, particularly in the area of ​​trust bloggers. And is it really for that matter? Is it a problem TEN? According to me, simply called the “Polish inferno“, will Orange i Maffashion this has already done what anyone else in my industry, or a pharmaceutically.

Do not run … that is, Internet users all made in diarrhea.

Do not run2011 r. nationwide campaign begins teaserowa Campaign Niebiegam.pl. So we have a website, Billboards, advertising, fanpage and plenty of other tools. Little? We have a very good password: “People, let's not get crazy. Time to say STOP! Time to stay in this race opętańczym, begin to enjoy life and say,: Thank you, do not run.Aż boję się napisać ile tysięcy internautów włączyło się bez zbędnej zwłoki w kampanię 🙂 Nagle wszyscy nie biegają, although only a few wanted to wygooglować where you do not run. And what was the surprise and rage, when they realized, that it is about to run to the toilet. How many negative comments, entries appeared like things on the web. The rage was so great, that created an open letter to The Board US Pharmacia wherein m.in. read, that: “whereas primarily promoted healthy lifestyles, goal that should inspire every pharmaceutical company that cares about the health status of patients, express its disapproval of the action, which is contrary to morality, ethics and the common good. Please suspend the campaign and take immediate steps to clarify the negative connotations", says source (interkatywnie.com). How old Polish proverb says “dogs szczekają, and the caravan moves on". US Pharmacia not enough, that did not stop advertising activities, from this moment did it openly or “not, do not run to the bathroom“, a Stoperan became one of the strongest brands on the Polish market when it comes to this segment.

Is the above two examples are not similar?

In both cases, the first time in the internet zakpiono, engaged them in a pseudo social action in order to … Exactly, why? In the case of Stoperanu, It is now the segment leader, and what the purpose is Maffashion i Orange? Probably similar. I admit, before that action was not Julia Kuczyńska known to me. For some time chatting with friends on the phone data in “the cloud“, everyone will associate wording “cloud” i “cloud” from Orange, as it is today "do not run” i „stop – do not run” is associated with Stoperanem i biegunką.

The simplicity of its weight in gold

If we look closely both campaigns, as well as other projects in our country advertising, This is not a complicated mechanism, or a great innovation. Unfortunately, human nature is designed so and not otherwise, and are diagrams, which guided us which perfectly describes the social psychology. As is the case with these two campaign. US Pharmacia together with an advertising agency used the psychological mechanisms in the campaign Stoperanu, a Orange campaign involving blogger. Orange i Maffashion know very well, we like to watch other, see their lives, what they eat, how they dress, etc.. Nay, if something happens to a person close to us (it can be a celebrity), krzywdzicielowi naturally wish “the worst“. Simple? Simple. Blogger loved stolen phone? And let that devil snatches. Then suddenly appear funny foty "thief“, which he does himself with “stolen” phones. I kind of Maffashion got hurt, but really nothing had happened. We laugh and have fun because … had service Orange Cloud. She has since, I also I have, and as my phone is stolen it will not lose data. I like? Simple? Too bad time for filtration venom? Injury. Both campaigns utilize natural noise among potential recipients of services or products, to achieve this goal. The old marketing trick, there's nothing to beat foam. Selling stakes grow, everyone is happy. A blogger credibility?... Pani July! Nic się nie stało 🙂



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