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The man in the face of modern technology

30 May 2016
The man in the face of modern technology

The article is the beginning of the discussion and thinking about the place of new technologies in human life. Or vice versa – the place of man in the face of new technologies, depending on the perspective adopted.

New products and technologies getting into the minds of the global village houses quickly. If the new products are designed to facilitate, change people's lives, it must be massive. Where, therefore, lead?

I heard, forecasting that the industry's new technologies more, than 2 years ahead is like reading tea leaves. Too many have variables and relationships. Today, you can not be closer to the customer, than his smartphone. And if they get the message straight to his… head?

The world of tomorrow full of media

Popuścimy imagination and see life in the world, in which our reality penetrates the virtual world.

Vision Keiichi Matsuda is colorful, totally convincing and… a nightmare!

Ecosystem built with virtual reality (VR, Virtual Reality), expanded reality (WITH, Augmented Reality) and the Internet of things ( IoT – Internet of Things) penetrate every area of ​​our lives!

Becoming a bond between what we do and experience. We'll get both the endless possibilities and muzzle. They change the rules of the functioning of the world. It will be the world media!

After connecting to the Networking will be colorful and interactively. After disconnecting from it – simply, gray, poor. It is worth noting, that none of these worlds is not safe.

Knowledge closed in a refrigerator

Granted, that Google a lot of us know. On the other hand, grey tree as a marketing agency depends, to be seen by Google.

however, awareness, that its systems process every word typed on the keyboard Google
and every sentence entered into a search engine will give you food for thought!

If they have our complete purchase history and knew all tastes – it would be too much. I am not sure, what exactly these data do. They can take advantage of to order inventory to my fridge? Or do errands better, than how I could do?

Services so good, that you must have

Since the future is uncertain, This we know at least the direction of development of the world's largest technology company. after the conference, Google I / O 2016 we know, that its new products will help us life: at home, at work, on the way.

Assistant to be so good, that book tickets to the cinema, to answer complex questions,
and in combination with the Home organize life at home. We also have two IM: one for text messages, the second was designed for video calls. another scene Android, N, It will mature system, offering true multi-tasking.

The topic of virtual reality Google provided the guidelines for the project goggles
and pilot them. There is also a platform Daydream, on which will be written applications. Now you can try YouTube'a, Netflixa i Wall Street Journal to VR. How does this relate to the video above?

We accept slavery

For hundreds of years people have been zniewanalani by other people. But I'm afraid, that when our space to invite virtual servants, quickly them addicted. They will have information about, what we do and how we live. Without them, it will be harder and less colorful. Shows, that we come to the point, when without force some people will be willing to give up privacy in the name of convenience. In one respect, Google It is the same, like all other corporations – It was established in order to make money. The world changes so the way. They create and buy in new available technologies, to enter yet unexplored areas of the first.

Ecosystem technology is slavery to measure schyłka XXI century. you think, with no? Try unplug!




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