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The nurse will write to the patient the drug or a new communication channel for marketing farm

17 February 2015
The nurse will write to the patient the drug or a new communication channel for marketing farm

The Council of Ministers adopted a draft amendment to the Act on professions of nurse and midwife and some other acts. According to the proposed amendments to the nurses and midwives will be eligible for the award yourself - in a certain range - diagnostic and therapeutic services.

These solutions increase the availability of health services and impact on reducing queues to doctors. Similar powers of nurses and midwives in many Member States of the European Union, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Denmark.

Extending the powers will only nurses and midwives with higher education, having the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of drug regulations, which were granted under the college education of first and second degree (directions for nursing and midwifery), in the context of postgraduate education specialist or postgraduate education for nurses and midwives with higher education at a specialist course.

Nurses and midwives, having a degree in the second degree in nursing and midwifery, will be able to prescribe medication and independently write out a prescription for drugs with a specific composition, with the exception of a drug containing a very potent, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. They can also write out prescriptions and orders for: foods for particular nutritional uses, certain medical devices subject to the completion of a specialized course in the field of. Commissioning and testing of drugs should be preceded by a personal examination of the patient.

New regulations further provide, that nurses and midwives, who have graduated at least the first degree, will be able to - at the request of the doctor - expose a prescription for certain drugs. This option will be off medication containing in its composition very potent substances, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Will be able to write out prescriptions for nutritional use as a continuation of treatment, if they complete a specialized course in this area. This group of nurses and midwives will have the right to issue referrals to specific diagnostic tests. The exception will be tests requiring diagnostic and therapeutic methods associated with an increased risk for the patient.

The proposed regulations provide, the Minister of Health - Regulation - define lists of active substances contained in medicines, foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses, medical devices, diagnostic tests and the manner and mode of prescribing by nurses and midwives with respect to their qualifications and required skills and responsibilities.

One of the important rules concerns the possibility of prescribing by nurses and midwives without the so-called. personal contact with the patient. As for issuing prescriptions for patients, who continue treated for a chronic disease. The new rules also provide, prescription that can pick up a person authorized by the patient or a third party. In such cases, the patient must submit appropriate statement in a clinic or clinic, which should be included in the patient's medical records.

It is expected, that in the course of study in the fields of nursing and midwifery students will acquire knowledge and skills regarding the ordination of medicines containing certain substances and foodstuffs for particular nutritional and medical devices. Persons performing already profession of nurse and midwife will be able to obtain these credentials to specialist courses.

Source http://www.zdrowie.abc.com.pl/



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