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edetailing.co effective sales support

7 March 2012
edetailing.co effective sales support

The easiest way edetailing can be described as a multimedia educational technology or persuasive message, which is directed to the recipient, the most common medical. Currently edetailing is considered one of the most effective tools of direct marketing, used by more and more pharmaceutical companies using tablet PCs, iPads or websites.
closed loop marketingOn the strength of systems edetailingowych strengths include: virtually unlimited opportunity to create effective communication, technology, Reports and statistics, and the whole at a relatively low cost and ROI countable (z. return on investment - ROI).

edetailing.co gaining popularity

The past year was not for the pharmaceutical industry particularly successful. The new entering with a slight anxiety. We are seeing cost cutting in the part of pharmaceutical companies - in particular, the marketing departments, and even downsizing in sales (Medical representatives). closed loop marketingPharmaceutical companies are seeking cheaper and more effective ways to increase profits. Some analysts predict a year 2012 as a turning point for social media in the pharmaceutical and medicine. Some companies opens up to more adventurous, and sometimes even shocking ideas and creations campaigns for their products. Still others point to the need increase the effectiveness of medical representatives or even limit the number of representatives for sales support by building interactions with doctors using the available online media. In the last two cases, we can directly talk about systems edetailingowych. Translated into more tangible value - Advertising Agencies, operating in the pharmaceutical market experiencing increasing the number of inquiries from pharma companies.

Interactive marketing and efficient transfer

And also the potential effectiveness of edetailingowych resides primarily in interactive presentations, which involves doctors and even invites you to interact. Respectively prepared message doctors use on dedicated Internet platforms or tablet PC, iPads in the hands of medical representatives. Attractive way to present the information here is one of the key elements - we have to decide whether they are able to establish whether such materials should also ask for cooperation from other divisions of our company or advertising agency specialists. Let us remember, that the most important thing for us should be interacting with your doctor and maintain the high level of interest in, until the very end. closed loop marketingWe can achieve this if and only if, when presented information and educational materials will be tailored to the expectations and needs of medical professionals, and in addition will have a appropriate visual setting (technologia Flash, video, PowerPoint or other). This all regardless of whether we apply the system on tablets edetailingowy, iPads or on dedicated web platforms.

Another suggestion, that is worth remembering that not treating physicians as passive recipients of content, but as our partners. Health professionals need to feel, that co-create with us the rest of the presentation - is its active participant. Thanks to such involvement of physicians increase their interest, but also capturing a memory transmission of information, in this example.: drug name and its advantages.

Prompting from the viewpoint of specialist. edetailingowych systems I might add, that we can join our multimedia presentation application, leading to conversion, ie for example.: contact form, Order a sample of the product, subscribe for free webinar, congress or training. In this way we can further reinforce our message and interact, and yet still maintain the interest and contact a doctor.

Reports and statistics

closed loop marketingStatistical data and summary reports which is obtained by using the solutions edetailingowych certainly should serve us for ongoing monitoring of the entire sales campaign or the actions of the individual representatives. The basis of interesting and detailed reporting capabilities of the system are edetailingowego - its configuration, data collection options and variables correlated searches, that is really the data and information, that perfectly serve the sales department, and marketing staff section Your Business. In other words, thoughtful and modern system should edetailingowy provide a variety of operational data, which, in a determined way to help achieve the aims of the month, quarterly and annual, and additionally allow for constant monitoring of sales campaign and thus the current corrective action when necessary.

closed loop marketingDepending offered by the company edetailingowego system statistics, but all the reports can be presented in different ways e.g.. using: linear or circular charts, posts, the traditional form of the table. Also of importance is the form of the report, ie.: if we have access to the electronic version only summaries or print ready PDF?, or we can choose from a variety of values ​​and correlation, or we have simplified statistics? Moreover,, Some systems also offer us the details of all the activities and meetings with your doctor or action of a medical representative (summary of the results, time, involvement in the form of a number of meetings and so on.). So remember, not to be considered as a fashion edetailingu nicely packaged or additive in marketing, but as a tool, which is bring tangible benefits, return on investment (ROI), faster results at a lower cost. I just m.in. thanks to extensive statistics, we can more easily assess the effectiveness of our actions.

Different systems edetailingowe

Currently on the Polish market, there are several systems edetailingowych. In its simplest form it is a normal and simple presentation slide at a time, and the most extensive and elaborate interactive multimedia solutions allow interaction, matching the following message to the selected option / reply, so as to continue to keep the interest recipient. In both cases, we can talk about the use of tablet PCs, iPads, as well as the websites, which serve as a carrier system technology edetailingowego.

Deciding on the system should be remembered edetailingowy, it does not offer us any solution will be able to meet our expectations. Will we have a presentation similar to that in the Power Point as a tool complementary actions of our representatives? Or do you prefer to associate more closely and actively marketing sales, to date have control over every stage of the work of our medical representatives? The best way is to compare several options and selecting the most corresponding to our business model and planned activities during the campaign targeting doctors.



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