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Dermaveel – application supporting the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children

23 October 2014
Dermaveel – application supporting the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children

Child care AZS is cumbersome, is not only related to the need of drugs wsmarowywania, often in a lot of areas of the skin, but also with the necessity of being in the therapy very systematic and thorough. Furthermore, the very act of wsmarowywania ointment is quite troublesome.The child must be dismantled several times a day to lubricate the next drug treatment, and that in general get the child to cooperate with treatment, the administration of the drug should make a family ritual, enter it permanently in the plan daily activities.

DermaveelThe solution proposed company Heel Poland by Grey Tree was the project, and in consequence of the acceptance, the execution of applications in the treatment of parent support AZS in children: applications Dermaveel .

The main purpose of this application, designed by Grey Tree was to build a tool, which will be accompanied by parents and their children during daily nursing activities associated with the disease. By creating an application, we aimed to, It has helped parents to establish a permanent "ritual", common time, of which the child will always be remembered and that the child will be the same zabiegało. It was important to us, the delivery of a number of value-added for a child, it wanted to make it perform daily care activities. These values ​​are the reward for the child receives medication for lubrication, or travel the world with the brand hero chameleon Derkiem.

Overview of the options and features of the application

Diary of therapy- parent notes

DermaveelApplication Dermaveel assisted in the conduct of a parent of a child with treatment Atopic Dermatitis. One of the major problems that we specify in the treatment of AZS is intermittently by a parent / guardian therapy as soon as they see improvement in the appearance of superficial skin of your baby. However, to improve the external appearance does not mean the state of cure, disease develops within the skin, hence it is important to exercise your doctor.

Support for a parent of a child with AZS is an application Dermaveel, that through the use of deliberate communication solutions, gives them a lot of support in the daily treatment. The purpose of this feature is to support parents in collecting information on the progress of therapy implemented.

Support for visits to the doctor

Therapy treatment AZS children may take up 60 days, means, that the parent is unable to remember the course of therapy. To help him to reconstruct the changes that occur in the skin of the child in the treatment process, it was necessary to the function contained in Parent Notebook, allows you to specify the date changes in the course of therapy. Parent during a visit to the doctor is able to play on a mobile device the entire history of the changes recorded by him.

Bonus for child

Ekran4Another of the problems identified in the treatment of children with AD is to motivate them to participate in therapy. For this purpose, the application Dermaveel was equipped with a bonus for a child that is a reward for helping parents in the treatment of. At the time of the child when a parent Apply Dermaveel or other drug, on the screen of the mobile device appears chameleon brand hero Derek along with the next part of the story describes his adventures traveling around the world.

Both the form of chameleon Derka as well as the story appearing on the boards are copyright works agency Grey Tree.


The application has a number of additional features, which allow the parent to lead a stress-therapy, until its completion in accordance with the recommendation of a doctor.
Among these features are, among others,:
a) ability to conduct therapy several drugs at once
b) alarms at drug application
c) appointment reminder inspection visit to the doctor at the doctor
d) notes guide treatment (including the generation of reports to .pdf).

Important from the point of view of patients was, application to run entirely off-line and so it was done. The only contact with the Internet is when the parent application updates.

Knowledge Base

Applications outside the interactive features and support the healing process has been equipped with a knowledge base (FAQ) about AZS and methods of treatment. Along with the execution of the application Dermaveel for mobile devices running Android, was created in the portal Leczsiezdrowo.pl The product page for the brand Dermaveel, which we invite you to visit – page www.dermaveel.pl

We invite you to visit WWW as well as a free download applications. Those interested in the application possibilities invite you to familiarize yourself with presentation what opportunities have application functions Dermaveel.

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