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Passionate about marketing and advertising. Strongly associated with the pharmaceutical industry and related. I create and I manage advertising campaigns including the use of social media in activities dedicated to doctors and patients. Professionally, I am the founder and managing director of the agency GreyTree. From 2002 r. I am associated with a limited marketing and advertising law. Among other things, worked with companies such as: Unilever, Jelfa, Sanitas Group, Adamed Healthcare, Blue Farma, Chance, Genexo, GAL, Heel Poland, Symphar, Sun Farm, Admiral, Ipsen, HiPP, Alpen Pharma or Krewel Meuselbach.

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Is it worth it? Where does the fun, and the start of a professional pharma social media marketing ...

14 June 2011
Is it worth it? Where does the fun, and the start of a professional pharma social media marketing ...

Several hundred banners on the Internet, blog about drug or pharmaceutical company, simple fanpage on Facebook, perhaps whispering in forums and portals, or impersonating a doctor or patient? – This is not a pharma social media marketing! It's all about building lasting relationships with patients, doctors and NGOs through knowledge, by authenticity, precision in the selection and ongoing monitoring tools and channels of communication, as well as their usefulness, that is, to reach our customers and interact with them.

Social media marketing is to promote a business or product in the field of web services and social networking sites. All these activities on the Internet, we can certainly translate into a campaign product or company is building recognition of the pharmaceutical sector. Add to that, pharma marketing that must work in the area of ​​restrictive laws, and we have all the time to remember, that drugs, Medicine and white staff is not the same as a new product or a food bank. But do not let us defend against social media, but the action in the world of Web 2.0 prepare ourselves professionally. And why? - Because it is worth!

Is it worth it? A handful of statistics in support of the words

As shown by consumer research firm Nielsen US, up to 90% consumers !!! resource of, who treat the trust is a recommendation friends. For 70 % surfers opinion counts, even those anonymous !!! Traditional advertising and promotional campaigns to date in these - do not be afraid to repeat the words - traditional media and using traditional channels to reach consumers today have less importance.

1Source: Nielsen, given for the report "Marketing szeptany", interaktywnie.com, August 2010, str. 6.

Making, PBI-based research, detail the behavior of our recipient - customer, who uses the Internet should be noted, that almost a third of "yesterday" use of social networking sites. Also, nearly a third of watching videos on the web, and every ninth read blog.

2Source: PBI, The report provided a "buzz marketing", interaktywnie.com, August 2010, str. 10.

In the Internet age, at a time when we are fighting for the Customer, the patient must be aware of his behavior - not just try to inspire - the need to create, but to answer, and in a word, just go to "listen", talk to him.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a difficult task, increasingly no longer enough traditional advertising campaign, or information and education. It's about becoming more apparent trend, impending getting stronger tendency - the patient and the recipient of our products, services have to listen and talk to him, This talk on the Internet (but remember, not only!) - In this way we can reach him.

Recommendations and trust

Brand ambassador, person instructing our product (for example.: electronic equipment, deposit in the bank, dietary supplement) may be a character from the world of cinema, Sports, television ... as well as it can be plain - an extraordinary surfer. Plain why, that does not appear on the covers of magazines, no-one interviews carried with him, and the studio before the camera in Good Morning TVN will probably not. The unusual, because it is another, has an opinion, and we if we are open to it and we reckon his needs, statements, and in a word, we treat it as a true partner in our communication, he really can become our brand ambassador, leader opinion on us and our products. Can become a source of recommendations to their friends, both in the virtual world and the real outside of a computer network. This is what m.in. is social media marketing - to build trust and recommendations.

Is it only Price Miracles?

Not only should engage in social media because most often a much lower cost campaigns and projects than traditional marketing realizations, but mainly because, that the Internet gives us the possibility of direct reach to tens, and even - with a very well-planned and deliberate steps - to hundreds of thousands or millions of customers - consumers of our services, patients, or future customers. In the end, not only should go to remind us of the, but also the constant monitoring of satisfaction with our products and services, building relationships - keep in touch, as well as reach out to the hundreds of thousands or millions of new customers.

While not quite know how each and every Kowalska Nowak responds to our ad on TV, and we can only recourse test results on a representative sample of quantitative or qualitative research focus in a small group with a mirror Phoenician, Thus, in social media, we have constant contact with the recipients of our messages, ideas, ideas, projects and of the same products. In this world, we can take care of almost every detail of our communication and directly and immediately respond to the information coming from customers, patients, customers, who buy our products and services (This medical). This interaction does not guarantee any other action, maybe not directly contact the marketer street - trader with a person he had met, doctor with patient, medical representative with a doctor, etc..

We have fun and act professionally?

If a pharmaceutical company decides to use social media in their communication strategies with patients, recipients of their products and doctors, it should approach this professionally, and not by hasty action, because these can be called simply "fun" in social media. In this case, the only acceptable play - but only for surfers - is to involve them in joint activities and events such.: in the context of ongoing awareness-raising campaigns. In contrast, for a pharmaceutical company should not it be fun, and professional communication and building relationships with their customers.

But what the effect will? We maximize profit with available funds and our commitment, and customer satisfaction and ensure good decision. Do not end up with it should go?



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