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Because the length is important…

1 October 2014
Because the length is important…

Title perverse, most usually associated with "one". Rozczaruję Was. I will not write about "the" or "this"Size, but more on that, that the length of the activities carried out social media, is of great importance both in building brand image, as a percentage of sales. As already waded through the title and explanation, that it is a social media marketing, I invite you to comfortably sat in chairs and read conducts campaigns Grey Tree in partnership with Heel Poland.

Case study Calm child

Viburcol This drug for anxiety states in infants, known and recommended by parents and pediatricians. For a long time the drug promotion held traditional channels: company - representative – doctor or pharmacy. Classic pharmaceutical marketing strategy is still effective but … but the target group over the years has significantly changed. Young mothers "learn"To raise a child before it comes to the world, proactively prepare for a lot of surprises and events. This is the case of states unrest in infants. Young parents want to protect yourself from them, instead of seeking assistance during.

Entry into the world of social media marketing

It is the beginning of the 2012 year, dynamic growth of social media. A growing number of community parenting. Their dynamic growth and development is not considered in our mind. In-house decision is made to go to the parents, who are on the internet and begin their education. So begins our collaboration on the project "Calm child"Together with the company Heel Poland.

I have taken the first step was to reach out to all persons in the target group, that is, present and future parents of newborns. This task carried out using WoMM - We appeared everywhere where were published issues of interest to us, sought factual information and support for parents. The first months of showing the remarkable effectiveness of this form of communication. In a short time the parents of the audience began to be "Ambassadors"Brand recommending it to other parents, brought our role is to maintain the level of substantive knowledge transferred between them.

Campaign WoMM was complemented by an extensive campaign Google and partner networks. As in the case WoMM, also here a huge emphasis on education of parents in terms of eliminating the state of anxiety in young children. All activities on the internet service was closed Spokojdziecka.pl, which provided (and continues to provide) expertise for young parents.


Nothing lasts forever - that is, the transition from OTC drug prescription

As the topic, nothing good can not last forever. As a result of changes in our client's drug law was to be changed from available in the pharmacy without a prescription drug to medical prescription (Rx). Seemingly minor change, After all, the drug is a drug, but the point is marketing “armagedon“. Brand, which previously could communicate to the patient, conduct extensive advertising in pharmacies, clinics, press suddenly has limited communication only to doctors. So, prescription drugs in accordance with the Pharmaceutical law you can advertise only for medical professionals. The customer has set us the task of carrying out communication implementing the change of the legal status of the drug while promoting the drug present in the pharmacy OTC. At first glance, the situation seemed to be very difficult, but from what is social media marketing?

  • first task: change the status of the drug was not possible to avoid, should lead the patient to remember, it's the same as OTC drug prescription only now,
  • the second task: to develop advertising of OTC drug status for the states which pharmacies and wholesalers was sold,
  • third task: should ensure the future high Rx drug sales.

The identification of these three tasks (and a dozen other course), having an extensive range of sOCIAL Mediacomh proceeded to build a communication on "unavailability"Medicine after the change of status. "Inaccessibility"Based on the fact, that: the harmonization should go to your family doctor to get a prescription and then buy the drug. For some parents a visit to the clinic is a difficult task and getting a prescription for the drug chosen by the patient is a very big problem (doctors do not like it when you are dictating what they want to have a prescribed drug).

Marta the sea ...

"My dear! Like you I am a young mom and this year I was going to enjoy the holidays with my daughter ... I had the sea. Unfortunately, a period in which the child's colic and shock here. Anywhere in the pharmacy did not ask for Viburcol informed me everywhere, that none of this, This sold without a prescription, that I have to have a prescription. How do I take a prescription 400 miles from home? Until that day when the child is crying in pain! I lost two days łażenie and asking doctors for a prescription, and this is not my area is siamto, owamto. A nightmare. I do not wish anyone such move. Now I'm wiser for it, I should visit a doctor before going to have medication for the child in case together."

This and similar stories have appeared on parenting forums all over the web, and it was at the time before the drug became available only on prescription. The aim of the operation was the result of buzz marketing, call noise, bluntly informing parents, You can suddenly be in the situation "Marty seaside". Data obtained during operations, the vast majority of people in the target group received them positively. On the contrary, as in the case of WoMM, on the harmonization of the drug began to drill down and even express this reason their dissatisfaction.

Petition: In the case of the abolition of prescription drugs list of drugs, which should not be there ...

Waiting for the parents to the drug was still OTC should focus constructively, to this end, they created a petition to Minister of Health. Seeing their involvement decided to help them. As in the preceding activities, emphasis was placed on communication in social media. In total, only signed the petition 232 people, 2 were against, but the information about the change in status of the drug, the need to have a prescription reached many thousands of prospective and existing parents. Minister of Health bothered to petition, Viburcol remained a prescription drug. His promotion was limited to activities directed to physicians. For a period of two years, when the drug was promoted to medical experts, follow the activities conducted prior to the change of status of OTC drug prescription. Confirmed adopted 2011 the assumption, that the activities carried out in social media is not "die"And even from time to time come to life. This was in this case. Parents, you might say, continued for more than two years, the actions initiated by our agency, but without our participation.

Petition Viburcol

Win – win. Petition and the consciousness of the people supporting it

We have a year 2014, which is more than 3 years from the start of cooperation with the Heel Poland and drug Viburcol. More than 3 year presence of the drug in social media. Today Viburcol again is a drug without a prescription, it is not a direct result of our actions, but it is certainly a successful social media marketing activities, successful people who have become natural “Ambassadors” brand. Today the drug Viburcol has a new look on the web (www.spokojdziecka.pl), service that provides a knowledge base for parents. Of course, do not forget about the merits of social mediach marketing and again, we are where our customers are. Reprezentujemy Spokojdziecka.pl FB whether Google Plus . Perhaps conducted and other activities, but today is the trade secrets.

Because the length matters ...

This case study is a classic example, that the work undertaken within social media even 3 years back without much difficulty can be reactivated. You simply have to be patient and to respond to changing conditions. After all, communication does not end with one sentence.

This article can be found also in the September issue “Marketing in practice“.Spokojdziecka



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