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The 2015 r. pharmacy will regain its position as an expert

11 February 2015
The 2015 r. pharmacy will regain its position as an expert

Today, you can write without fear, that e - marketing in the pharmaceutical industry does not develop. However, I am convinced, that year 2015 will be a breakthrough in plus and pharmacy will regain its position as an expert in the field of health and medicine. In the years 2010 – 2013 The pharmaceutical industry has flourished in the field of on - line communication. Arose a number of very good projects such as Sex is Health - Polpharma, Without the rubber but with the head - Symph, Hello Health - USP Health and Calm child, a great holiday - Heel Poland. In my opinion, some of the greatest examples of campaigns, which continue to operate. The rest of the minor or major actions have been turned off or works in a very limited extent.

In the past year there has been some breakthrough, that is, changed the direction of the activity of some companies with e-Marketingu to mHealth. A very good example of these changes are Polish applications My TreatmentConnectemdica, The first application supporting treatment AZS in children - Dermaveel Heel Poland or ECG Pro Lite firmy FunApp. These are just three examples and, but they indicate a trend in my opinion. The trend in the age of the smartphone inevitable. As previously, for example, was created. Product page and around the community built only, so now is the first application mHealth,, and around the social media activities.

The dynamic development of the mobile device market will remain indifferent to the marketing of pharmaceutical companies. For several years, replaced by the traditional doctor communication leaflet and application edetailingową tablet. The same applies to the communication to the patient. Today Sanofi Aventis uses mobile devices to their potential patients to contact them. The action is not complicated, but rather is based on the patterns that we know for example. airports. Sanofi Aventis through a network of free Wi-Fi on the ski slopes transmit educational information to patients on Osteoarthritis of the knee. Can others follow in the footsteps of Sanofi Aventis? Not only can, but they should! Most of our products not only uses the Wi-Fi, which can be an excellent medium for communication, eg. you want to use for free - see the advertising.

To favor the pharmaceutical market returns underestimated Google Plus. Returns especially among pharmacies. Free to run the site for Google Plus, its presence in Google Maps and many other benefits of search engine recovers slowly recognizing pharmacists.

However, the most dynamic growth in social media will concern the patient community, community centered around both diseases as well as support groups. Currently there are many independent groups Facebook.com (for example,. AtopoweZapalenieSkory ), community on the web, both in the form of dedicated forums or blogs, which are also present in the most popular social networking sites.

To summarize the above, year 2015 should be a breakthrough, during which the pharmaceutical sector will return to the Internet, to social media. Will do this by creating a number of new applications associated with the most popular social networking websites, as is the case e.g.. in the US or Western Europe. However, in order for this breakthrough came in marketing are needed business people, who are not afraid of the future, and they see it as an opportunity. Year 2014 that he was not, but I am convinced, that already 2015 This will be a breakthrough.

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