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Passionate about marketing and advertising. Strongly associated with the pharmaceutical industry and related. I create and I manage advertising campaigns including the use of social media in activities dedicated to doctors and patients. Professionally, I am the founder and managing director of the agency GreyTree. From 2002 r. I am associated with a limited marketing and advertising law. Among other things, worked with companies such as: Unilever, Jelfa, Sanitas Group, Adamed Healthcare, Blue Farma, Chance, Genexo, GAL, Heel Poland, Symphar, Sun Farm, Admiral, Ipsen, HiPP, Alpen Pharma or Krewel Meuselbach.

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Story about how this internet pharmacy was

2 February 2015
Story about how this internet pharmacy was

Not so long ago, in the recent land on a river, worked in a pharmaceutical company itself a product manager. Those who are familiar with the industry knowledge, that the product manager is almost like a prince. He has his subjects – representatives, has its treasury in the form of budget. Treasury from time to time which pays merchants and other service providers to sale produced by the Duchy of drugs and supplements grew and grew, to the glory of our marketing prince. Our products prince had a dime a dozen, virtually every disease, every sorrow that commoners could touch. Representatives and how he had swarthy, handsome and substantively skilled in the art of self-presentation and still was not satisfied.

What good are these drugs, suplementach – used to say strolling the corridors of the kingdom of corporations – or after the conferences, cyklówkach or meeting attendance, when the sale does not go to me. Drugs have everything to known and unknown, such as I have just come up with it. A whole bunch of supplements, the potency of the six types of seksulaną. A sales no! Exel stakes dew by which the President of the king does not look kindly on me.

Representatives of a poor peddler clinics and pharmacies after wandering out, realize any sales targets. But it's not give. How prescriptions prescriptions, or sold in pharmacies was not so and there is no.

I've only had a sale – said the prince – This has me nothing is missing, and my representatives.

Yes wszyszedłwszy of office once walked thoughtfully great, and the way merchants advertisers – traders go. As well as the prince saw, so he just gave a respectful bow, suitcases advertising solutions and ask what you need:

The Honourable Mr.! All you need to have. Please, is the best in the kingdom of creation, and it's the same eminent conferences, or their representatives may want to replace it with a newer models? We all get.

Prince bow politely accepted, Promotional products and presentations examined, shook his head and says,:

For anything to me your creations, advertising, sremy i crmy, I need only one.

Immediately merchants began to inquire what is the prince need.

– I need sales, preskrypcji recipe, of thousands of supplements, I subjected myself and my representatives able to circumnavigate ai royal wealth President face to rozpogodzi.

Looked thoughtful to give merchants and campaigns offer audiovisual programs, advertising before likeable TV series, one had the best offer with bare – all bands ads Radio Music Pharmacy (with the name change station!). He was pleased the prince, seeing so many tools that he offered. With the joy of the reconstructed treasury and give and this spocik on TV, and a radio reklamka, kongresik przysponsorował. Prince invest so a few months until he saw, principality that its desolation cash.

– Nic mi to, money in the budget that starts missing important, that the sale of this will declare it as merchants and cash is full and even the royal countenance some fun.

As the months passed, could not turn on the television advertising would not see great products prince, no mention of the radio band only, after all, not all ads prince had but the name of the station on adequate for pharmacy changed. A, audience that was once the leader is and sale of the prince was decent. Decent but not enough to fill the cash surplus, which grossed almost passed merchants advertising. One day, the prince took kindly to an audience interactive humble merchant, in total there was no need, After all, according to traders, well it performed its work. Interactive merchant prince presented to him a new communication areas commonly known as the Internet. Presented various websajty, advertising, place and above all tried to convince the prince, that there are all his patients and most doctors.

Prince, pay attention to the fact, that while in the radio and television take the message recipient, so much on the internet you have to interact. Look at the social networking sites for lekarzy- tens of thousands of professionals in one place, patient does not remember - every illness, every problem has its own page, community. You can not forget the most important doctor, All patients or guru Dr. Google. If anyone hurt or anything wrong with it first checks with Dr. Google and then perhaps visit the clinic.

Merchant're young and beautiful'm sure, have a nice presentation but why me? I do not need websajtów product, Ads in how you say it online. A dr Google? Kto to? Where he studied? I do not know that expert and I need it as I have a budget and it rent.

– Dear Prince, how do you think, I just want good products as both your and earn at the same time it will not be wrong. One is still important to my lord, advertising on the Internet that is for ever and ever and advertising on the same example in television is forgotten as soon as the budget that her przeznaczyłeś.

The Prince smiled at the thought of additional profit and even he liked the courage of the young merchant.

– All in all, what I care? Dam mu 20% what I gave to television shows let out. I will not lose to lose, and how can I gain and the prince of the whole marketing king will not do - thought the prince.

Słuchajże buyer! Młodyś, arrogant and confident and those we do not like princes - Prince began - But as, I have a good humor, sale goes well this paw me this purse, in it you also have advertising briefs ... Go and do me in this ad as you say online. Same Time, Next Year we will meet and you you make me a report of work and hopefully you did. Otherwise, it will earn me a ducat and even all the other princes scammer will tell you some advertising.

He grabbed the purse interactive merchant, briefs pulled, sight.

Not bad - Thought - four supplements, one OTC and Rx drugs for two dermatology. No such campaigns to lead.

Thank you, my lord, for their trust, I'm sure, that will not fail - Said the merchant making interactive worship - for knowledge and peace of your monthly'll send you reports on activities so that you know what your money is spent. And for the year in accordance with your decision to meet you here and we will discuss all the action.

– Go, already, Give me a break before meeting with the king of the general - Said the Prince, and left the room.

Weeks passed, Ads months went full steam, sales once again decreased but increased advertising money went more and more - and rich who forbid - Prince used to say. Until one day here calls him to her king-General and informs, that the order of his majesty the king master what it abroad sitting, realm in which our work is to introduce a prince budgetary constraints. So with theirs for our, Duke has to spend less on advertising but the level of sales is to maintain the same or and increase. Duke was angry extremely, got used to it, the bars grow, premiums are high and even somehow calmer in the kingdom of the functions Korpo. First, reduced spending on advertising in the press. After a short time appeared to decline, small and certainly with the associated, brands that took the place of competition that has no budget cuts.

Nic to, I have yet to give advice on radio and television - Thought the Prince - representatives also doing well. I have nothing to worry about.

Budgetary constraints, it was not the end, future spending cuts next orders. Duke frowned.

– What to do? Restrict advertising? Slow subjects? What to do? - Walked increasingly morose after his principality - I know, at the beginning will raise the standard prescriptions and pharmacy sales, Let they will do!

He said he did. She went to live after the principality, that the number of visits per week doubled, the number of prescriptions to obtain doubled. And the whole armed informants interview princely kingdom commonly in Korpo Iemesem called. Selling stakes go up. But this is a temporary to sleep again, overloaded subjected to consist of termination of service. Prince after reviewing the situation decided to turn off the radio and television.

– People in the more important, no ads I can handle - Thought - inszak many times they have seen and heard patients, sure that our patients and doctors remember them. I have nothing to worry about, good will.

Sales fell directly to patients. Sales stakes OTC and supplements flew down like an eagle quilted, the same actions in the kingdom of our prince Korpo also fell.

What to do? What to do? I do not have advertising, studies have shown, zapamiętywalność that without the support of my products is negligible. What should I do? What do I do? - Thought sitting in the office chamber. Probably be sitting so long as the broadcast would begin CV the intermediary dealers in the exchange between the kingdoms of the princes. Then suddenly gets information, that is messedża. Message sent dealer Interactive.

Come, again his report, conscientious is not what - Thought the Prince - timely monthly sends.

Usually Prince, to archive them without reading, but today, due to the bad state of mind decided to read the content of your message.

Your Highness!
According to the agreement sends you another report of the activities made for your products ... "and underneath is a list of a number of activities which manufactures Interactive developed and implemented the. These include product services for patients, educational portals for doctors, advertising creations for medical services, set up accounts on social networking profiles and many other things that the prince was one of the great unknown.

At the end of the report was a comment merchant ... Your Highness, realizing, How przeznaczyłeś that the budget for the campaign was not great but that was in my power I made. The most important is what I did for you enlisted for permanent cooperation "of Dr. Google". To see how collaboration works, therefore, I ask you sir estate search engine now enter any word relating to your product or drug or supplement it and see the results of my work manufactures interactive ...

Prince started without reading further check. Log on to social networking sites, search - password - the result and ... information about its products, interest groups, fanpage etc.. Time for dr Google.

We'll see if this is true or boast - Thought - as it passes the merchant is never Disregard Internet. I promise!

Uruchomiwszy search Google, as before he started writing the words that are associated with its products. He looks and does not believe your eyes. All the results of the first and second pages lead you to places, where you can find information about the products.

– Takis clever? - Thought the prince - a co z opakowaniami? Hey?

I enter in the search engine of your password again but this time check the category of images and ... again outperformed the competition. 70% packaging its products!

– I am saved! - Screaming the entire chamber - but quietly, Continue misread what he writes merchant.

... Today we made the most important elements of communication or product page, corporate website, the whole supplemented with communication with the people by the presence in the most important inns and social premises. In the case of doctors and pharmacists teamed with dedicated their guild - Associations, foundations, groups. In the case of OTC and dietary important was the acquisition of Dr. Google. It was not easy but thanks to earlier actions in guilds, taverns and marketing szeptanemu (commonly called gossip) we were able to get the results that you can see in this letter.

Prince, practically did not understand the provisions of the merchant but that was the least important. Counts which saw, of reaching into the thousands per week, number of comments, recommendations, command and the number of Internet users in the kingdom. The next day, the prince summoned the merchants radio - television to visit.

– Dear buyers - Duke started - Thank you you for your past actions, However, due to budget cuts in the kingdom have to reduce the cost of advertising on 80%. Is due to the existing cooperation can suggest me something at the new price?

Merchants are silent, count, kalkulują.

– Your Highness, cooperation with you is a pleasure and an honor - Began the eldest – however,, Know, we's sell advertising to those who pay the most. So, that if you do not have the budget that we will not be able to help you. Well, we have a climate in the kingdom.

– Do not expect such a response - Said the prince - I, that connects us to something more than business. Therefore, thank you, in touch with you as I have ducats.

Then called interactive merchant prince to the appropriate offer made to him.

– Your Highness, in accordance with our contract work done - said merchant - Our workshop carried out a number of works related to the presence of your products on the internet, Now you can have quietly reaping what you sow with our help. Maybe you do not know but the internet is like a fertile field where once sown good information will be passed on and on, will be copied in the hundreds or even thousands. So we made about your products, sow a number of good information about them and about what help, Now anyone whether the patient or the doctor will look for information on the selected theme will go to one of the places created for you. I would like you to know my lord, that our work in contrast to. television advertising does not disappear from the public's mind at the time of the end of the emission. That's what you saw on the Internet is there forever, it is impossible to remove all of which will be made in connection with your actions for. One thing you have to remember that care about the quality of communication, take care of the quality of the grain to sow, if it is a good value to both physicians and patients themselves will recommend you and it's free. Internet my lord rewards only those who lead a healthy communication.

Prince listened interactive merchant, looked with him and learned reports. He realized, that did not believe in the internet because I did not know him, did not have time to meet him. As I listened to him opened new possibilities promotion mix and place where it is on TV, radio but it is an important place for the Internet.

Gathering knowledge from merchant, Prince gave it further at a meeting cyklowym. Presented the action taken, presented reports, sales statistics, correlations. Great effects because it was not the first of its activity in this area but when I turned on the internet and started questions to Dr. Google about drugs, Supplements, words associated with the kingdom of brands produced by Korpo brand everywhere the kingdom were to Top 10.

Since then, our prince knows, not known does not mean, that is bad. How, that the use of the promotional activities completely new tools are not well known and the evolution not revolution. And the most important is to look and listen to the people and not just soaring in these and in the sale of WTE posts. This is not exel buy drugs or supplements and people. Doctors prescribe them, pharmacists and patients are buying advise. Therefore, listen to people, and if they show you and your kingdom Korpo, that are on the internet and there is information out there want you to watch it.

p.s. Manufacturing merchant prince and Korpo supports the kingdom's been seven dolls and the end of the fairy tale is not seen.

Inform, similarity to the fairy tale that Konopnicka As it was with flax is not accidental and intentional. Fable is a great inspiration for the marketer.



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