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"First, do no harm!"- This should be, the first rule for the communication activities in the field of pharmaceutical and legal.

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Passionate about marketing and advertising. Strongly associated with the pharmaceutical industry and related. I create and I manage advertising campaigns including the use of social media in activities dedicated to doctors and patients. Professionally, I am the founder and managing director of the agency GreyTree. From 2002 r. I am associated with a limited marketing and advertising law.Among other things, worked with companies such as: Unilever, Jelfa, Sanitas Group, Adamed Healthcare, Blue Farma, Chance, Genexo, GAL, Heel Poland, Symphar, Sun Farm, Admiral, Ipsen, HiPP, Alpen Pharma or Krewel Meuselbach.

Dariusz Goźliński
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Code of Ethics Advocate manual marketing of legal services?

30 March 2010
Code of Ethics Advocate manual marketing of legal services?

Today is the key to the marketing of legal services is in Code of Ethics Advocate and specifically in the provisions on the prohibition of advertising. In this entry we will try to show m.in. what opportunities and guidance gives us today's Code of Ethics Advocate. Tips that can translate into a successful marketing professional practice lawyer, Office.

One of the most important tips is the right to inform the discharge of the legal profession addressed to potential and existing customers Office. In addition to the privilege is It also has a collection of legal services marketing guidelines.

Below we present some of the marketing importance of records Code of Ethics Advocate:

a trade mark or graphic firm or company - One of the elements of communication that allows to distinguish between your office from a competitor is to create a comprehensive identification Office. This term encompasses all graphic designs: projekt logo, letterhead, printing on envelopes and business card designs. Graphic materials represent office outside in front of customers , before the court, prosecutor and other authorities. Printing materials are designed to build positive associations with the law firm, lawyer person anywhere where there is no physical Countries. Do not forget, that such materials outside the office telling of competition are also informative - include the name of the law firm, the name of the patron, datas. If we know in which sector or with which we want to work with the customer to customize graphic material under the selected target group (positioning ourselves for example,. as a business law firm, criminal law). The most important is the fact, that the selected graphic patterns should be permanent. Accepted minimum course changed over the years, but slight. Our client has to be aware of, returning after years that still meet with the same professionalism as the first time.
name and address of the office and the name of the lawyer, telephone numbers, e-mail address and name of the website - In the sense of a lawyer firm marketing is often his name, and which in case of a name is difficult for customers to remember? Code of Ethics Advocate tells us the name of the fancy and it is a good hint. However, please note, ZZ selection of fancy names should be made at the same time as the creation of graphic design. The name of the office is part of the comprehensive identification of the company and must be consistency between them, so that the client identify all the elements associated with a person the lawyer or law firm.

One of the most important tips offered Code of Ethics lawyerThis is to have the law firm's website, in the twenty-first century, regardless of the range of services it is necessary. Office web site allows potential customers to make inquiries at the office seven days a week around the clock. On the Internet, we are the only and unique opportunity to catch up with the best competitors. The Internet is the only place where we all have equal rights and opportunities in the field of marketing of legal services. And here, as in the previous two cases must be maintained a standard of identity Office.
About legal marketing on the Internet will develop in the next entries



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